ladyofmetal's Journal

Coruxi: Lady of Metal
Name: Coruxi (Or known as Couri Scytha once upon a time)

Age: 23 of course

Organization Master: Larxene

Element: Metal

Weapon: A long, black metal stick almost six foot tall and an inch and a half diameter. These can be, due to her element, merged and shifted into various shapes and weapons. She is also known to use any metal around her as a weapon.

Physical Description: When taken as a whole Coruxi is easily mistaken for your average damsel in distress type, which is probably how she has always liked it to be. The black hair that falls to her back isn't your normal fairy tale color, and the paleness of her skin isn't exactly damsel type either, but mix them with the slender form she holds and you almost get that feeling. Then you take a closer look and find yourself wrong.

They say that the eyes are the window to the heart, but in this case it's more of the window to the lack there of. The brown orbs are completely cold and uncaring for anything, not even feigned emotions touching them at any point. They are the cold eyes of someone that has killed, knows they have killed, and will kill again if told. Yet this is not the remarkable part about her.

No, that goes to her left arm, or what you could call a left arm. The real limb is missing, leaving behind a stump ending just below her shoulder. Attacked to his is a mass of black metal that is, ultimately, hollow. This is shaped as a replacement limb to help her keep her sense of balance, and functions to a degree because of her control of metal. Due to her lack of control at making the metal very detailed works, the hand is slightly misshapen and only has three fingers. Unfortunately extreme cold or heat causes the arm to freeze up so to speak, and imagined pains and itches plauge her constantly. There is also the thinness of the metal for her to think about, as a good strong whack to it can dent and otherwise damage it.

Because of this metal appendage Coruxi tends to cover the entirety of her left arm, usually with a long piece of black fabric that is loose enough not to brush the metal and extends past her 'finger tips'. This is so that she can, if the spirit moves her, shift the arm into something more useful, like a spike or a claw. Without things such as vainty to carry her down she compliments this with a bare right arm and then covers the rest of her body with closer fitting fabrics intended to let the woman move without difficulty.

Personality: Coruxi is cold, calculating and sadistic to the very last ounce of herself. It was these characteristics that made her good at what she did in the past, and what make her good at what she does now. The whole emotionless thing doesn't really phase her and she doesn't even try to pretend at emotions. She frankly just doesn't care. Everything is taken in stride and orders are never questioned, though obviously there is no loyalty in her for anything and no care for any consequence thrown her way.

History: Even before her world was taken over by the darkness the female known as Couri was far from your sweet little girl. In a city called Raynen she acted as one of the most ruthless blades for hire that you could find. Were someone to know what a heartless or nobody was back then, they might have considered her one in all truth, if only because of the emotionless way she handled all of her 'business transactions'. While she wasn't the best of the mercenaries, she did always get the job done.

When the darkness first touched her world no one seemed to notice, as it was a corrupt little place already, and it quite quickly took over unhindered. Quite surprisingly it was the city of Raynen to fall last, and one of the last and only people fighting was Couri. She was quite happy with the wealth her life afforded her, and giving into the physical embodiment of what many accused her of being just wasn't going to happen.

Upon waking somewhere she could not remember, not that she could remember very much, Couri found herself down exactly one arm and more memories than she dared try to think of for lack of desire of a headache. It didn't even phase her that any of the few emotions she knew somehow that she'd once been capable of were gone, but her arm was a constant source of awkwardness for the female. She came to feel that something was missing, and with only unconnected memories of deaths at her hands and other distasteful business, she set off to figure out who and what she was now, and maybe find a way to get what little she had back.

Other: Coruxi allows no one to stand to her left side willingly due to the 'feeling' of vulnerability caused by the replacement of her missing left arm.

There is little Couri actually remembers about her past, only glimpses of some of the 'jobs' she has had that reassure her that maybe she's missing enough to make finding something to do worth while to help make new memories to fill the gaps.

Serves Larxene more because she 'respects' the level of sadism in the blonde Nobody, but regrets it as the metal limb makes it easier for her Master to inflict shocking punishments.